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Find Information on 2019 Judges, 
Set Out Crew & Trial Committee



The judges for the 2019 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals are:

Lori Cunningham, USA
Andrew Dickman, Scotland
Don Helsley, USA
Alberto Stern, Switzerland




Mark Henderson, Sean Casey headed up our set out crew for the 2011, 2014 and 2016 Finals and have been setting sheep together for quite some time.  This year they will be joined by Mike Lupow and Terry Leplatt.  Their standard for consistent sets is unparalleled as they are THE premier set-out crew in the country, especially for these often difficult range ewes.  They’re up before the sun, and don’t unsaddle until the last sheep is safe and fed for the night.  There’s never any shortage of laughs to get them through the long days.



Bridget Strang  


I spent several years competing and working in the show horse and race horse industry on the East Coast. For the past couple of decades I have been managing the horse business at the ranch.  I teach riding lessons, train and show young horses, and host numerous Hunter Jumper shows and clinics throughout the year. 


I came to sheepdog trialing through the influence of my cousin, Ellen Nieslanik, who managed The Meeker Classic for many years. My first dog Lucy was a tremendous help moving cattle in the brush, but she did not work anything like the dogs I watched at Meeker.  I got a puppy from Jim Swift and at 3 months Rose and I went to see about moving the sheep.   I said "look SHEEP!" and she ran out in a perfect pear shaped outrun, brought the sheep to my feet, lay down and looked to me for further instruction.  I was hooked!! 


Terry Murray 

Terry Murray grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from UW-Madison.  She and her husband Mike Lupow were stationed all over the country - from Cape Cod to Kodiak Island - during his 26-year Coast Guard career.  She got her first Border Collie in 2005, moved to Colorado in 2009, and now runs Flying M Lamb, a custom operation supplying all natural, pasture raised lamb on the Front Range.  

 Nancy Penley 

I live in Loveland ,Colorado with my husband of 35 years, Kurt. I have two kids and two grandkids.
I’ve been involved with the Border Collie world off and on for some years. I have been involved with all aspects of sheepdogs, running some talented ones, putting on many field trials and clinics, and mentoring newer handlers. I’ve been involved with the set out at the National Finals level as well as for the Meeker Classic for several years. I am on the National Finals committee at Carbondale for the third year now. This is where my passion really is—in the helping!
Im Looking Forward to seeing everyone this year!!!!

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