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Practice field times are now available Monday, 9/25, - Friday, 9/29

Finals Practice Field Sign Up:

  • $52.32 per time slot

  • Limit 2 time slots per person for the week

  • Two fields (hill field + flat field) are available on Monday & Tuesday - You will be assigned a field as we get closer to the event dates.

    • Do you have mobility limitations? Please contact the field manager to be assigned the flat field for easier access. Hannah Agee:

  • One field (hill only) is available Wednesday - Friday

  • Work at your own risk. Strang Ranch assumes NO LIABILITY for injury to the handler or dog(s) on the practice field.

Veterinary Health Services

Dr. Alice Baker Meuten is taking appointments at Finals 

An amazing vet specializing in canine performance rehab and sports medicine, as well as a sheepdog handler herself, we’re so excited to offer her services at Finals.

This is a great opportunity to make sure your dog is performance ready for a run or get a tune up between the preliminaries and semifinals/finals.

Canine massage provided by Emily Heitzmann, CMP.

Why massage? Massage has a myriad of benefits for your canine athlete…it increases circulation, promoting the removal of cellular waste and nourishment of the body’s tissues. It can help release muscle tension and trigger points, as well as aiding in pain relief. It helps improve range of motion and mobility, leading to better performance on the field!

Emily is certified in canine massage through the Lang Institute and specializes in trigger point work. She has been providing bodywork services since 2015. Her passion is providing massage for working dogs, helping them to feel their best and stay at the top of their game.

massage 2.jpg

Free BAER Testing with Dr. Colette Williams

The ABCA Health & Education Foundation (HEF) will be sponsoring free BAER testing on September 27 & 28 for ABCA or CBCA registered dogs. Dr. Colette Williams will again be doing the testing.

We're offering scheduled appointments in the morning. Walk-ins are welcome all day but may need to wait for availability.

Camping at Finals:

Camping will be on first come first serve basis. $50 for the entire event to be paid to USBCHA with entry or to the National Finals Sheepdog Trials PayPal. Fully refundable. There will be a pump out and water refill service available.


PLEASE DO NOT INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO CAMP AT THE RANCH WITH YOU!!  CAMPING IS FOR HANDLERS, VENDORS AND STAFF ONLY. Volunteers will be offered a place to camp close to the ranch if not on the ranch in a different area from the Handlers. We appreciate your compliance with this. We have had issues with people camping that are not a part of the dog trial in the past so we have a hard rule about this.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


If you have an extra large RV, please contact Terry Murray at for specific parking location.

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