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Dog Sponsorships


We invite you to Sponsor your favorite handler/dog team and cheer them on to victory while supporting the National Finals.  Pick your favorite, support your mentor, cheer on your dog's father, mother, sister & brother, and root for the underdog by sponsoring a dog!

You can sponsor as many dogs as you like, and you can sponsor all the dogs of your favorite handler.  Please see details below for more information and an online form for choosing your favorite dog. 

Sponsorship Levels

Single Dog/Handler Team - $100

Single Handler, All Dogs - $250

To purchase, complete the online form based on your payment preference. Please support as many teams as you'd like and submit one form per sponsorship.


Don't forget to submit your favorite dog and handler team!

Complete your submission form & pay online with PayPal, Vimeo, or Credit Card:

Complete your form now & send a check in the mail:

Please contact Susan Squires at if you have any questions.


Sponsorship Details

As a Sponsor, for every handler/dog team you support, you will receive:

  • 1 gate pass to the entire 6-day event

  • Invitation to the Handler & VIP-only Reception — Saturday night at Strang Ranch

  • A dog sponsor "thank you" gift; either picked up at the Finals or  mailed to you

  • Your name announced at the event whenever your team walks to the post

  • Your name listed on the 2023 National Finals website 

  • Your name listed on the running order next to your handler/dog team

  • Your name listed in the 2023 Finals Program (if you sponsor by August 1st)

And most importantly, the knowledge that no matter what team you end up sponsoring, your financial support is not only appreciated but needed! Thank you!

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