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Golf Cart Rentals


Cruise In Comfort

Need to hustle from the Nursery to Open field? Don't want to haul your chairs and cooler from the car or campground all week? Do you just have places to go and handlers to hang with? We're offering golf cart rentals to make getting around Strang Ranch easier!

Reserve Yours Today!

Golf Cart Rental - $485

Reservations are full. Thank you.

We have a limited number of golf carts being hauled from Denver, so we are offering them as pre-order for $485/ for a 2-passenger cart. 

The last day to order your cart will be August 15, 2023. After August 15, reservations for golf carts will only be accepted IF there are carts available. A full refund of your order will be given if you notify us before August 15, 2023.

For the Finals, we advise that you bring something unique to make your cart easily recognized and quick to find among the many other carts that will be scattered around the area. A simple form of decoration i.e.: a flag, ribbons, or crepe paper are a few easy ideas to make your cart stand out from the rest. Also, we ask that, at the week’s end, you please remove your decorations and return the cart to the same area you picked it up.

Personal quads, golf carts, and bicycles are all welcome to travel the road! .

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